Welcome to Down Under Discoveries Tourism Emissions Reduction Plan, a tailored plan that demonstrates our commitment to improving our sustainability.

Through deliberate actions and unwavering dedication, we unveil our commitment to enhancing sustainability. Each initiative, a testament to our pledge, echoes our aspiration to forge a path towards a more eco-conscious and resilient future.


Emissions Reduction Plan

Commit: We are committing to take action to reduce carbon emissions

Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions footprint: 15.1 tonnes for the 12 months ending Feb 2024

Emission data validation: Estimated using the ERC Protocol calculator

Top Three of emissions: Waste, Business Fuels, Employee Commute

Reduce: We are adjusting operations to reduce emissions

10 Easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce Power & Water: We prioritize energy efficiency by employing timers for air-conditioning and heating, maintaining a standard temperature, and utilizing solar panels during daylight hours. Additionally, our commitment extends to water conservation through timed showers, low-flow showerheads, water-efficient landscaping, and a smart irrigation system, ensuring responsible usage and sustainability in our home office.

Use sustainable products, eliminate single use plastics and source locally: We prioritize sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly cleaning supplies for home, vehicle, and outdoor equipment care. Our commitment extends to using reusable bags and selecting outdoor equipment with renewable or recycled materials. We actively source locally to minimize transport emissions, support the local economy, and enhance transparency in our supply chain. Additionally, our longstanding practice of eliminating single-use plastics within our business underscores our dedication to reducing environmental impact.

Waste-Wise Initiatives: In our pursuit of sustainable practices, we have implemented a compost bin at home to effectively eliminate food waste. Our commitment extends to recycling everything possible, including donations to appropriate channels. In our operations, we're actively working to reduce landfill contributions by 10% in the coming months, with ongoing efforts for further reduction. Moreover, we aim to decrease waste from our products and services by 20%, prioritizing bulk purchasing, in-person transactions to minimize packaging and freight services, especially when in close proximity to suppliers.

Commute Consciousness: Reducing, sharing & pedaling forward our sustainable commuting policy intertwines multiple commute requirements, reducing both time spent and environmental impact through decreased fuel consumption and waste. Our commitment to carpooling provides passengers with shared experiences, diminishing the number of vehicles on the road. Additionally, we actively promote cycling, reinforcing our dedication to reducing environmental footprint and fostering a healthier mode of transportation.

Sustainable Sourcing Synergy: Aligning with our commitment to sustainability, our policy prioritizes second-hand outdoor equipment to curb emissions associated with new production. Choosing Australian-made equipment further reduces our environmental impact by minimizing emissions from delivery. Emphasizing collaboration with sustainable suppliers who share our dedication, we ensure a collective effort to minimize ecological footprints. Additionally, our offices champion eco-conscious practices with the adoption of recycled paper, embodying our commitment to Second-Hand, Australian-Made, and Green Office Supplies.

Avoid: We have adopted renewables for purchased power

Solar Panels

Empowering tomorrow: Embarking on our renewable energy journey and embracing sustainable purchasing power, we've significantly curtailed our reliance on carbon-producing technologies. Through the adoption of solar panel renewable energy, our energy bills now stand at less than half the local average. Committed to maintaining a green energy stance, we purchase Renewable Energy Certificates representing 50% of our energy consumption, resulting in a yearly savings of approximately 1.83 tonnes of CO2 – a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Support: We sponsor projects that remove our unavoidable emissions


Sponsorship for Sustainability: In our ongoing sustainability commitment, we've chosen the Savanna Management Project on Jawoyn Land in the Northern Territory, a cause close to our heart. Our creation story found here will help you understand why. Led by the Jawoyn Association, this initiative involves land management practices like controlled burns and weed management. Using satellite technology, they monitor progress to reduce carbon emissions. This project offers co-benefits like cultural preservation, biodiversity enhancement, job creation, and improved quality of life. It focuses on protecting cultural sites and reconnecting youth with traditional values. By selecting a project close to our heart, we deepen our commitment to sustainability, actively contributing to positive environmental and cultural outcomes. This initiative exemplifies our dedication to making a meaningful impact on the planet and the communities we engage with.

Sustain: We are sustaining our decarbonization program

Decarbonization Durability: Committed to lasting impact, we proudly sustain our decarbonization program by maintaining stages 1-4 for a robust five-year period. This enduring effort underscores our dedication to a prolonged and effective journey toward a greener, more sustainable future.

As stewards of the environment, we acknowledge our humanity and embrace a continuous learning journey in reducing our impact. While we won't always get it right in our quest for sustainability, we welcome constructive criticism and feedback on our environmental initiatives. Recognizing that collaboration and improvement are key, we understand that learning and evolving are integral to our journey toward a greener future.